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β (beeta) - A measure of volatility, or systematic risk, in comparison to the market as a whole
Experienced hires
There are a wide range of opportunities available across our service lines and industries. We would love to hear from consultants with experience not only in the UK, but in Europe, America, the Middle East and India.
We rely on the highest quality of fresh talent to provide innovative thinking, diverse insight and to help realise our one straightforward goal: to be recognised as the most trusted professional
services firm.

As one of the fastest growing major professional services firms, we're always looking to attract the very best talent at the earliest possible stage. We are a company where self-starters and individual thinkers flourish.
Interested in a career that challenges you? In a firm that invests in your professional development? In following a career path that provides plenty of choice? In being given the opportunity to excel? To uphold our first class reputation and sustain our rapid growth, we are constantly seeking people who can meet the challenges of our working environment.
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